Millbrook, Ontario

Millbrook’s many streams made this location an ideal mill site. In 1816, John Deyell came from Ireland
to build the first mill on the same site where Needler’s Mill stands today.
There are more than 45 designated historic buildings in Millbrook — more per capita than any other Ontario town.
Needler’s Mill by the pond is the third mill to rest on this site, having been moved here in 1909 from Cedar Valley
and restored by a citizens’ group in 1982. On the hill above the village sits the majestic Old School, built in 1889
on what is said to have been a native campsite. The old fire hall on Hay Street was built in 1881 and has a rare
Tuscan-style tower for drying hoses. It now serves as a museum housing fire fighting equipment,
and is open to the public on special occasions.
These are just a few of the heritage buildings worthy of discovery. The entire downtown
has changed very little since it was rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1875.
Source: The Millbrook & Distric Chamber of Commerce
The Millbrook & Cavin Historical Society has stepped up to save Needler’s MIll from demolition.
Other attractions in the area include 4th Line Theatre, an outdoor theatre at the Winslow Farm
showcasing plays written by Canadians about their country.


There are so many things to see and do!


Millbrook Valley Trails

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The Millbrook Valley Trails are a natural resource to the community of Millbrook and surrounding area. Miles of preserved hiking paths
wind through the area alongside woods, streams, and up and down Medd’s Mountain. Wildlife and scenery bring visitors all year-round.

4th Line Theatre

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Bringing History to Life on the Outdoor Stages of the Winslow Farm – You’ll enjoy front row seats because you can get there so early!
Ontario’s premiere outdoor theatre is in your new neighbourhood on Zion Line.

Farmers’ Markets

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Have you ever entertained having your own start-up business offering fresh fruit, vegetables, canned, or baked goods? Maybe you just like the idea of wandering down on a lazy Saturday morning to see what’s new this week. You’ll have your pick of the crop with the central location of this home and acreage. Grow your own and sell the rest!

Millbrook Activities

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The Village of Millbrook is a cultural and social hub of the area. There are many events throughout the year like Antique Car Shows on the main street,
Ladies’ Nights, Millbrook Valley Trail events, arts, music, theatre events, and much more!

Millbrook’s period architecture has also drawn a lot of attention in recent years. It has been the backdrop for several films and will, no doubt,
continue to be, as new projects come to town.

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Visit Wutai Shan Temple

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With the temple located at 708 Ski Hill Road, you are in close proximity to this unique place.

The Buddhist Association of Canada chose nearby Bethany as the location for their spiritual centre. When fully developed, this will be
the single largest Buddhist complex outside China. The temple property is a rare and beautiful site to visit and perhaps learn more about these ancient beliefs.

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

Port Hope Branch

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Every year the Port Hope ACO offers historical home and garden tours. You’ll be guided through some of the most beautiful and stately homes our forefathers built.

There are also many other local community historical societies, too, including Millbrook. You can become a full-fledged member,
just volunteer to be on hand for a tour day, or take in the grandeur of these historic homes as a spectator.

Peterborough Lift Lock

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“For most of its life, the lock’s dual lifts were the highest hydraulic boat lifts in the world, raising boats 65 ft (20 m)…”

Town of Bethany

Bethany “… is a gateway community, in that it services the local winter sport ski hill Devil’s Elbow just a few kilometers north of the village…”

Windy Ridge Conservation Area

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Take a Sunday drive from your new home and visit Windy Ridge. “Windy Ridge Conservation Area is an ideal spot for a relaxing walk, hike or snowshoe in the open air. This conservation area features a panoramic view from the lookout perched atop the area’s tallest ridge…”